[School History Office "] Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office: A blueprint is struggling to promote emergency management system and capacity modernization

[School History Office "] Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office: A blueprint is struggling to promote emergency management system and capacity modernization

– Focus end to ensure "effectiveness". People’s Network: Party history learning education is an important long-term work of the whole party. May I ask the Shanxi Emergency Management Office to establish a long-term effective mechanism to promote the integration of party history education into daily? Wang Qi Rui: Building a long-term mechanism is the key one ring of high-standard high quality to complete party history education. It is the inevitable requirement of consolidating party history education results. – Waiting for us to learn, and seek long-term effectiveness in deepening theory. Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office – often new constituents, seeking long-lasting in the hostess carrier.

– It is necessary to practice often, and practical and actually practiced. People’s Network: The twelfth party generation of Shanxi Province has just ended, and the province is quickly unified to the spirit of the idea and action to the spirit of the General Assembly. Then, how will the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Office implements the spirit of the Provincial Party Congress and promoting high quality development.

Wang Qi Rui: The 12th Party Ceremony of Shanxi Province highlights the key to "all-round promotion", tight "high quality development", and has a strategic layout for the development of various career development in the next five years and even longer. Safety production, emergency management, and disaster prevention and disaster relief efforts have put forward higher requirements.

We will closely around the deployment requirements of the party congress, adhere to the people’s first, life first, coordinate development and safety, and actively prevent the resolution of major safety risks, and promptly deal with all kinds of disaster accidents, provide good safety for all-round high-quality development. Assure. Strengthening the Leading of Thought.

Strengthening security responsibility.

Strengthening Security Risk Prevention and Control. Strengthening the implementation of disaster prevention and mitigation capacity.

Strengthening the Construction of Strengthening System Mechanism.

Strengthening the Implementation of Security Security Capability.

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[Vier seizoenen van smaak] niet-erfenis vijf granen schilderij vaardigheden

[Vier seizoenen van smaak] niet-erfenis vijf granen schilderij vaardigheden

  Xinhuanet Jinan 17 februari (Zhang Xiaoqi) gewone rijst, gierst, rode bonen, sorghum en andere vijf granen, bloemen op hetzelfde gewone porselein, bloei, resultaat, bereiken een kleurrijke, levensechte voedselschildering, dit is een representatief project van de niet- -Materiaal cultureel erfgoed van de provincie Shandong – Dongming voedselschildering.

  Dongming graanschildering, lokaal ook bekend als "Fu Seed Painting", is ontstaan ??in oude graanrituele activiteiten, heeft in meer dan 1700 jaar historische geschiedenis. Dongming graanschildering die voornamelijk natuurlijke vormen en kleuren van korrels zoals korrel, grasgroenten en sedimentatie, na anti-corrosie, anti-insectica-behandeling, plus, civiel traditioneel vakmanschap, etc. schilderen, de huidige erfenis is Zuid-Korea, 40, 40, Han Tower Village, Wushengqiao-stad, Dongming County. Dongming’s graanschildering kan worden onderverdeeld in drie soorten. Eerste, de originele kleur graanschildering, de andere is geverfd graanschildering, drie is gemengde gekleurde korrelschilderingen.

Als het graanschildering vergelijkbaar is met onze schilderkunst, is er inkt, westerse olieverfschilderij, pasta, etc. Zuid-Korea’s Smashing volgt de lokale kleine en beroemde 学 学 学, 濡 染, zorgde ervoor dat hij diep is ge?indigd met graanschilderingen. Op dit moment, allerlei zaden, zaden, soorten, meer dan 200 zaden, meer dan 200 soorten, en hij heeft een aanwijzer naar elke vari?teit.

Als een dergelijk gras laten we de oude man de schapen op het gebied van het veld nemen, omdat de markt niet in de markt kan worden gekocht. Er is een andere soort, zoals deze rode ma?s, het is zeer zeldzaam, en het graanschilderplot van deze rode ma?s is bijzonder mooi, zeer gestructureerd, en er is een driedimensionale zin. In de loop der jaren is Zuid-Korea’s erfenis van de erfenis van voedselschilderingen onvermoeid. De grondstoffen worden breder en breder, en het onderwerp wordt breder en overvloediger. In 2016 werd Dongming Food Painting een provinciaal immaterieel cultureel erfgoedproject in de provincie Shandong en werd Zuid-Korea ook een representatieve erfenis. Dongming graanschildering is geaard, heeft culturele temperatuur, tijdperk en historische dikte, dragende, ervende, nationale kunst. Producent: Zhou Hongjun Productie: Zhou Hongjun Productie: Zhu Yongli Hao Guoyu Co?rdinatie: Qiu Yimin Lu Planning: Li Hai Yun Zhang Xiaoqi Guidance: Li Hai Yun Ding Yufei Camera / Clip: Zhang Xiaoqi Li Changcheng Liu Kungang Pakket: Wang Rui Yao Chen Zhengming Heze City Culture and Tourism Bureau.

[Review Line] Southern Network Review: The minimum wage "rising" up and wealthy "run"

[Review Line] Southern Network Review: The minimum wage "rising" up and wealthy "run"

  "New minimum wage standard has been officially implemented" "" "" "" "" " It is "starting point" in an all-round way to build a well-off society. Let the people live a good day, realize common prosperity, is the goal of our unswerving struggle.

The Party’s 19th Central Committee proposes: "Improve the salary system, improve the rational growth mechanism of salary, and focus on improving low-income group revenue, expanding the middle income group." From real, my country relatively low income people in the middle income population It is relatively large, some of the employment and stability of the medium income group, there is a "drop" risk, in addition, there are quite a few rural populations that have not yet entered the middle income group. "Drive more low-income people into the middle income ranks", still we are in the direction of the reform.

In recent times, from the ministries and regulations, they are accelerating the proposal proposal. Up to now, more than 10 provinces have raised the minimum wage standard, and there are several provinces indicating that standard adjustments will be performed during the year. Dozens of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, not only make normal income rights of low-income workers more secure, but also benefit a lot of flexible employment groups that implement hours with minimum wage standards.

  Promote common prosperity in high quality development and is a major topic of economic and social development.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the Vision Objective Outline in 2013 will continue to increase the well-being of people’s livelihood, and promote the common prosperity, let the development results more and more equipped and all people; focus on improving low-income group revenue, expanding the middle income population, The per capita disposable income growth of residents is basically synchronized with GDP growth.

Since this year, the pace of "expansion" "expansion" in my country has been faster, larger, and more solid. "The 14th Five-Year Plan" of Human Resources and Social Security Procurement "proposed that the focus of colleges and vocational college graduates, skill type workers, small minimally invasive practitioners, migrant workers, etc., continuously improve the proportion of medium-class income groups.

Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places have issued relevant plans, emphasizing the improvement mechanism of enterprise salary distribution, increase workers, especially the first-line workers’ labor remuneration.

These visible, the Huimin Limin Policy has been paid to the people who have been hoped, and the "common wealthy" path of 1.4 billion Chinese is more clear and gradually.

  Common wealth is the common expectation of the people, and is also an important feature of modernization. Today, we are moving towards the second hundred years of struggle, adapt to changes in our social contradictions, better meet the growing needs of people, must promote all the people’s common prosperity as the people who make happiness for people, constantly consolidating The party’s long-term ruling basis. At the moment, the problem of food and clothing, safety and other people’s livelihood is still the most concerned about the people, annoying. The old people must be economical dividends, but also green water Qingshan; both to live together, it is necessary to be fair and just; if you have to learn, you have to work; if you want to have medical treatment, you must also have some people; To be stable, we must strengthen basic living security. The aspect of the pile part side is concerned about the welfare of people’s livelihood. According to the economic and social development, the price level, the change of life costs is reasonable to adjust the minimum wage, and it is important for the guarantee of low-income people, alleviating income gap. "Take history, create a future, must unite the leadership of the Chinese people to struggle for a better life." In the new journey, we must always adhere to the people-oriented thinking, and focus on solving the development of imbalance and not full of people. Question, while promoting the continued improvement of the income level of the people, the income distribution gap is accelerating the comprehensive development of people. All the people share the rich and affluent achieve more substantive progress, so that the broad masses of the people have more feelings, happiness, sense of security.

(Nanfang network Yin Guilong).

The former party committee member and deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, Lei Party, was severely disciplined by the party

The former party committee member and deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, Lei Party, was severely disciplined by the party

  Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, June 2 (Reporter Sun Liangquan) The Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on the 2nd. The serious violations of discipline and law were investigated for investigation.

  After investigation, Lei Dangchen lost his ideals and beliefs, abandoned his original mission, and confronted the organizational review; violated the principles of organizational, and used his powers to seek personnel benefits for others; illegally engaged in profit -making activities, and obtained huge benefits through investments. Integrate to obtain benefits in the approval of fireworks, business contracting, and job promotion, and ask for or illegally receive huge amounts of property.

  The Lei Party seriously violated the party’s political discipline, organizational discipline, and integrity discipline, constituted seriously illegal positions and suspected bribery crimes. Essence In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China", "Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China", and "Law of the People’s Republic of China Public Officials’ Government Affairs", after studying and reporting to the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee for approval by the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, it was decided to give the Lei Party to expedition to expedition Party membership shall be canceled in accordance with the regulations; it will collect their disciplinary and illegal income; transfer it to the procuratorial organs to review and prosecute the procuratorial organs in accordance with the law. (Finish).

Xinhua Full Media+丨 "Post -00" Mai Ke’s "cool" incident

Xinhua Full Media+丨 "Post -00" Mai Ke’s "cool" incident

  On June 2nd, Liu Jiajun was driving a harvester in Xiama Liu Village, Lianmian Town, Fugou County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province. Nowadays, the land of the Central Plains is rolling, and the gold is all over the country. In Xiama Liu Village, Liaosi Town, Fugou County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, the "post -00s" Mai Ke Liu Jiajun was driving a harvester. "Okay, receive it!" Instructions came from time to time in the intercom. With the continuous improvement of agricultural machinery equipment, the summer harvest has become simple and efficient, and more and more young people have joined the ranks of Maike.

  Liu Jiajun walked north and south with his father’s harvesting machine since he was a child, and gradually fell in love with the Kaiyong machine. He felt that it was cool to operate this "big guy". At the age of 19, he finally turned on his own harvester.

The "post -00" stickers, interesting toy ornaments, and animated characters on the body are sprayed … His harvester is decorated with distinctive personality elements. During a brief rest, he also took out his mobile phone to shoot a short video that recorded wheat harvest, and added a "diesel -flavored youth" label to gain a lot of likes. "Just like it, just play!" "Post -00" Maike’s cockpit has smart display and refrigeration air conditioners. Compared with their parents, their Mai Ke life is smarter and comfortable.

However, the pressure of people in the agricultural time has not changed at all. Starting on May 27, the local wheat harvest gradually entered the climax, and Liu Jiajun’s working day was becoming more and more tense. As soon as the "boot" was 15 hours, he couldn’t care about eating well.

"It is very hard, but it is also very fulfilled.

"Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Haoran.

[Yangguang Net Review] What is the inexplicable number of thousands of graduates? Bank account can become "寻" fertile soil

[Yangguang Net Review] What is the inexplicable number of thousands of graduates? Bank account can become "?" fertile soil

Recently, many graduates in Guangxi Chongzui Pedica Normal University have reported that there is more than 10 left and right agricultural bank accounts under their name. On the 11th, the Guangxi District Branch of China Agricultural Bank responded that the Agricultural Bank of China has not fully communicated with our customers, and the internal audit is not strict, and the operation is not standardized, and the bank will contact the student. Falling more open accounts while seriousing the relevant responsible people. More than 1400 students were inexplicably "be opened", and some people have more than 10, and a series of questions are asked in the throat: Who is these bank accounts? Why do students don’t know? Since the students don’t know, how can the bank can legally handle these accounts? How is the student information leaked? Is the school informed? Look at the Bank’s "situation description": not fully communicating with our customers, the internal review is not strict, and it is not standardized. So whispering his words, avoiding light, no wonder the party who is opened, "I feel that I don’t say anything."

The reason is very simple, according to the "Personal Deposit Account Real Name System": Financial institutions may not open a personal deposit account for its identity document or not using the name on my identity document.

Obviously, in the incident, the most core problem is two: First, where is the account opening information of these students? Is the school pass-through song or a bank "wonderful hand"? Second, if the parties are not present, how does the bank account avoid procedure? Ask the broadland, this operation is "the first time in the first time" or "the head is born two times"? The bank account is related to financial security, and it should not have any fragments of any fraud. Chongzuo Xiaoyu is "being opened", this is not a problem that can be solved or apologized.

Personal Information Protection Act has been implemented from November 1, 202. It has been more than 1 month to ensure the information security of "account opening" citizens. At least to explain the incident in the framework of the rule of law.

As for the school, the grassroots bank business room is so casual, is it unreasonable, or the individual business outlets have a cardio? The answer cannot always be self-remarkable, but also to continue to dig down.

Of course, in view of the bad nature, discipline inspection and other departments, I am afraid that I have to be involved in early, strictly check the right to "inexplicably being opened" behind "more than a thousand graduates."

There must be a demon abnormally.

After the thousand graduates are inexplicable, they must have a series of "dead" and "disappearance". True the truth, take out "Moura", make up the procedural vulnerability, and the bank account will not be a "fertile" that is hunt for rent. The Special Commentator of Yangguang.com Deng Haijian).

"Hoe te zien" is een testvraag

"Hoe te zien" is een testvraag

Het wordt aanbevolen om de bouw van 5G-stationconstructie en commercieel tempo te lezen en de integratie-infrastructuurconstructie te verbeteren die wordt weergegeven door het datacenter, het intelligente computercentrum en legt een vaste fysieke basis voor de digitale en intelligente upgrades van traditionele industrie?n.

2021-11-1609: 34 In het "14e vijfjarenplan" moeten we een diep begrip hebben van het versterken van intellectuele eigendombescherming bij het bevorderen van het moderne economische systeem van de bouw, het stimuleren van innovatie, ondersteuning innovatieve nationale constructie en socialistische moderne nationale constructie. Het belang van de betekenis.

2021-11-0509: 32 Vanwege de ontwikkeling van het marxisme is het diep geworteld in de mensen. Voor de mensen, afhankelijk van de mensen, is het de theorie van de mensen, en de identiteit van het volk kan alleen zijn getransformeerd en China heeft de wereld veranderd. Menselijke geschiedenis en leg levendig het theoretische karakter van "Line" uit. 2021-10-2815: 56 Implementatie van een innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie, het accelereren van een innovatief land, is een economisch systeem van hoge kwaliteit, een modern economy-systeem.

"Innovation Drive" dieper belangrijke vraag is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In het proces van het verplaatsen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd, is gemeenschappelijke rijkdom een ??belangrijke strategische doelstelling geworden voor de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land, en ecologische rijke mensen kunnen ook een enorme functie en een rol spelen.

Van 2021-10-2109: 34 Vanuit het perspectief van de bouwervaring is de kruising van slimme stedelijke constructie betrokken bij de regering om deel te nemen aan de samenleving, en het multi-hoofdlichaam, gediversifieerde modeltransformatie van gezamenlijke bouwoperaties " Leidraad + Markt Lood + Public Participatie "Het waarde-model is de moeite waard om te verwijzen.

2021-10-1909: 26 Toekomst in de centrale stad en de omliggende stedelijke cirkels, zal de bevolking blijven groeien. En in de omtrek van de centrale stad zal de bevolking verschijnen.

Om aan de trend van re-lay-out te voldoen, zijn deze populatie, het stedelijke en landelijke en regionale ontwikkelingsbeleid vereist om differentiatie uit te voeren. 2021-10-1514: 04 Digitale beschavingconstructie is een systematisch project, dat meerdere-niveau-inhoud van economische, politieke, culturele, mentale, omgeving, en continue optimalisatie van sociale relaties van sociale digitale, een ordentelijke, effici?nte ontwikkeling van alle aspecten zal zijn. Maak handige omstandigheden.

2021-10-1310: 00 Nationale dag, Meng Liangzhou wordt geretourneerd. Na het ervaren van stormen, bedankte ze de bevolking van het moederland. Ze kreeg diep een sterk moederland. Toen ze het vliegtuig liep, zei ze dat mensen een goede zin hadden: "Er is een rode vlag van vijf sterren is een trouwe vuurtoren. "

2021-10-0909: 24 China gebruikt 9% van gecultiveerd land in de wereld, goed voor bijna 20% van de wereld, en neemt actief deel aan de wereldwijde eliminatie van honger- en voedselhandel, lost niet alleen het voedselprobleem van meer dan niet op 1,4 miljard mensen, maar ook voor de World Food Security maakte een prominente bijdrage.

2021-10-0409: 07 Bevordering van de constructie van het Yellow River National Cultural Park is een strategische startpersoon, taak, systematisch en sterk systeem, en moet goed worden gepland en moeten goed worden gepland. 2021-10-0209: 07 Bekijk het historische proces van hervorming en het openen gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, de Chinese communistische partij heeft altijd in staat geweest om de crisis te draaien als de overdracht en de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen en rijk en waardevol zijn geaccumuleerd Historische ervaring in dit praktijkproces.

2021-09-2614: 57 De American Democratische "transformatie" van de Verenigde Staten voor 20 jaar Afghanistan is slechts een farce van de Amerikaanse zelfgestuurde, "Kabul Time" opnieuw gaf de VS "Universal Value" Pseudo-masker opnieuw op.

2021-09-1509: 18 "Actief uitvoeren, doen niet Wensen", bevorderen de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van meer dan 14 miljard mensen, "China’s regels" -praktijken is het krachtige vertrouwen en de kracht van de wereldvrede en de ontwikkeling, volledig weerspiegelt een Verantwoordelijkheid en verantwoordelijkheid van het grote land zou moeten zijn. 2021-08-3110: 05 China is momenteel overtuigd van de belangrijkste knooppunten van de tweede moderne transformatie in het eerste moderniseringsproces, het is noodzakelijk om te leren van de geavanceerde ervaring van de eerste moderne overgang van ontwikkelde landen en de eerste keer voor de eerste keer. NIEUW Situatie van de tweede moderne transformatie.

2021-08-1614: 42 Governance Corruptie, hechten aan het Partij- en Nationaal Supervisiesysteem, moeten zich houden aan accurate metei, door continu verdieping van hervorming en zuivering politieke ecologie, de macro-politieke kosten van corruptie herstellen, en de "toxines" ge?nduceerde corruptie . 2021-08-1014: 58 In de huidige situatie van de economische financiering van China moet het juridische toezichtsysteem en de industrie-begeleidingsmechanisme van zelfmedia zo snel mogelijk worden verbeterd en het verwachte beheer strekt zich actief uit tot het mediaplatform om het effectief te handhaven markt. Sex en stabiliteit.

2021-07-3116: 13 Volledig implementeren van de diepte, breedte, breedte en moeilijkheid van plattelandsrevitalisatiestrategie, is ondraaglijk en de kruising van de landelijke revitalisering, "Drie landelijk" werk moet het volledige probleem opgelost worden. 2021-07-3009: 45 Of het nu gaat om een ??centrale regio of grote strategie?n in belangrijke regio’s, het is niet mogelijk om stevig zelfzitje te zijn, en moet zich verder houden aan het concept "integratie" op basis van "knuffelen" en zich uitstrekt de interne voordelige industrie en elementen. Aan andere regio’s, voortdurend de samenwerking tussen verschillende stedelijke groepen versterken.

2021-07-2711: 05 Wetenschaps- en technologie-innovatie is de systeemtechniek. Mensen zijn de belangrijkste variabelen. Zolang mensen een goede rol spelen, zullen we de puls van innovatie begrijpen en hebben we ons land beter en een snellere ontwikkeling gepromoveerd . Maximale stroombron.


Changle District held a new era of good boy awards in 2022

Changle District held a new era of good boy awards in 2022

On May 27th, Changle District held the theme event of "Happy Twenty of the Twenty National Congress" and the awarding ceremony of the new era of the new era in Changle District. "Commendation.

The award -winning good boy fully demonstrated the primary and secondary school students in Changle District to listen to the party and follow the party. They firmly ideal, study hard, work hard, increase their skills, and strive to achieve a good spiritual style of the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor.

At the event site, there were also "Welcome Twenty" literary programs. Showing the youthful vitality and expressing the patriotism and love of the party.

The following is 2022 "Changle District New Age Good Youth": Lin Yanxi Fujian Governor No. 1 Middle School Jiang Haowei Governor Fujian Governor Middle School Chen Xinyu Fujian Governor Leiqiao Overseas Chinese Middle School Lin Qifeng Fujian Governor Leiqiao Overseas Chinese Middle School Zhou Ruoxuan Changle District Hangcheng Middle School Chen Yanhao Fujian Governor Music Teachers School affiliated to the Primary School Chen Shengxi Changle District Experimental Primary School, Fuzhou Changle District Wuhang Center Elementary School Chen Yanhuan, Fuzhou Changle District Dongjiang Primary School Lin Yichen Fuzhou Changle District Straits Road Primary School, Fuzhou Changle District, Jiang Zishan Fuzhou Changle District Special Education School Li Xinlei Fuzhou Changle District Chia Dingzhang Central Primary School Zheng Mengqi Fuzhou Changle District Heshang Central Primary School Huang Hanyan Fuzhou Changle District Meihua Central Primary School Chen Nuoyu Changle District Jiangtian Central Primary School Rongshun Hao Campus struggle to youth. Essence

May the teenagers work hard to grow into newcomers in the era of their national rejuvenation! The Civilization Office of the Changle District Party Committee reported.

"First post" for the upstream ecological barrier of the Yellow River

"First post" for the upstream ecological barrier of the Yellow River

In the Sun Lake in Shiqu County, Ganzi Prefecture, herders raised yaks at the benial point.

As the first county that flows into Sichuan in the Yellow River, how does Shiqu County, Ganzi Prefecture stand well to build the "first post" to build the upper reaches of the Yellow River?On April 25, the "Walking New Bashu" Sichuan Daily all interviewed the team of the Sichuan Daily to this county with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters and visited the important wetland of Changsha Gongma International on the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

  Starting from Shiqu County, along the National Highway 345 to the north, the Zaxi Card Prairie covered by white snow is still asleep.

The distance of hundreds of kilometers was not alone. Along the way, the team interviewed wild protection animals such as foxes, red ducks, hooks, and black -necked cranes, as if in a huge natural zoo.

After reaching the location of the Gongma Township Government of Changsha, the vehicle entered the township and village roads until there was no way to go grassland wetlands. The important wetland of Gongma International in Changsha is an important source of the Yellow River. The upstream tributary Chaqu River is in the hinterland of Gongma Township, Changsha. It belongs to the unmanned area. According to the regulations of the Nature Reserve, the road cannot be cultivated.

As a result, interviewed the team decided to visit the edge of the wetland.

  Governance to repair the "Face Face" Green Make -up Changsha Gongma Township is the first township of the Yellow River Basin in Ganzi Prefecture. There are the source tributaries of the Yellow River in the territory.

Among them, Chaquhe has seven major tributaries, and Ge Deer is one of them. In order to make up for the regrets that could not enter the hinterland of wetlands, Chang Renzhenchun, Chang Renma Township, Changsha Gongma Township, led the team to the villages of Gongma Township, Changsha Gongma Township, the villages that were mainly flowed by Gobel.

  Looking at it, Ge Deer meandered on the grassland, and some of the watersheds were protected by yellow isolation nets. "Earlier, due to the erosion of river water, grazing, and mouse harm, the vegetation on both sides of the river was severely degraded, and the soil was gradually sandwiched and the range continued to expand.

"Xu Yuanyang, chief engineer of the Shiqu Ecological and Environment Bureau. Since 2020, Shiqu invested 9.4 million yuan to build a 5100 -meter isolation network, re -cultivating the land in the watershed ecological buffer belt, and the planting is suitable for high -cold and high altitude areas to grow. The shrub vegetation and many years of grass.

"Through the implementation of ecological restoration projects in Ge Deer, interception of surface runoff pollution generated by the grazing along the river, the grassland degradation and atrophic momentum have been controlled, and the sandy vegetation along the section of the watershed gradually recovered.

Xu Yuanyang said. After the grass is restoring, it needs to be repaired after governance. In the distance, the large sandy land is mixed on the yellow grassland, making the whole grassland look like a huge "flower face". Due to advance to the second village 2 kilometers away, two workers are driving a joint farming machine arable land and sowing grass seeds on a deserted mountain -the village is implementing the 800 acres of ecological restoration of grass planting projects. At present, cultivated land, sowing, fertilization application Wait for gradually. "This year, the whole township plan implements 10,000 acres of grass planting projects.

While promoting the ecological protection and repair of the Yellow River Basin, it can also be used as a collective pasture for livestock after 3 years. "Ren Zhenchun is looking forward to the future. From Changsha Gongma Township, along the National Highway 345 to the south, the reporter came to the ecological comprehensive governance project of the water source conservation area of ??the Yellow River in Shika Town, Shiqu County. "As soon as the weather was warmer, we carried out artificial grasslands of the grassland of shrimp town.

"Zhang Fuliang, the person in charge of the project, said," We mainly repair the sandy grassland through various physical, chemical repair and engineering technical measures. "Through biological measures and engineering measures, in the past five years, Shiqu County has governed 6,000 acres of sandy land and 10,000 acres of sandy grassland in the county, 30,000 acres of degenerative grasslands, and 220,000 acres of natural grassland.

  "In July and August this year, you came to Shrima Town again. This ‘flower face’ grassland will present a green beauty." Zhang Fuliang was full of confidence. The consolidation shutdown field changes to the wetland park in the southwest of Shiqu County of Wetland Park 35 kilometers. Here, the lush shawl and oatmeal grass make people feel vibrant.

By the lake, there are occasional pairs of water birds or leisurely foraging, or fluttering with wings, and then not entering the grass. It is hard to imagine that two years ago, there was a sand mining field with mechanical roar, naked riverbed, and flying sand.

  "Before it was repaired here, a hair dryer was all dirt, riding by bicycle, full of dust." Speaking of the past, the villagers Erkin’s eyebrows were locked. The large and small sand and gravel fell to the road, making the villagers travel a lot of traffic safety hazards.

"The change also started in 2020. At that time, Shiqu County co -ordinated and integrated 7.5 million yuan in special funds for ecological restoration of the historical and land of the sand mining field in Yiyi Ercun. After one year of rectification, the waste pond was changed to artificial lakes and ecological wetland groups, accounting for accounting The land is more than 100 acres; the gravel soil bag is paved with turf, becoming a rolling green hill; the original 157 acres of sand land, planting shawl grass, oat grass, grass, red bean grass, etc.

"Now, the sand field has become a wetland park, becoming the best place for our daily walks and leisure dams.

Erjin said happily. In recent years, Shiqu County has made great efforts to restore the sand and gravel fields, rectify and shut down the 25 illegal sand mining points in the county, and clean up more than 500,000 cubic meters of existing sand and waste stone.

After the sand and gravel farm became the park, not only did the ecological environment restore, but also the rations of the yak. The reporter found that the dry yellow grass of about 50 centimeters in the park was paved everywhere like a long plush carpet.

At the root of the dry yellow grass, the light green new buds are germinated. "Restoring the vegetation of the sand mining farm, mixed with perennial and one -year grass species, can produce 200 kg to 400 kg of dried grass per acre." Looking at the growth of the grass, I was glad to calculate, "Especially in the winter season, local villagers can go to the wetland park to cut grass and feed the cattle by themselves. Shiqu County invested 100 million yuan to implement projects and other projects, artificial grass 10,000 acres, governance, degradation, desertification, and saline -alkaliization of "three modernizations" grassland 10,000 acres, dredging of 120 kilometers.

(Responsible editor: Yu Chao).

The Peak Forum of the Integrated Practice Research Research Research Summit Forum of the National Elementary and Middle Schools and Middle Schools

The Peak Forum of the Integrated Practice Research Research Research Summit Forum of the National Elementary and Middle Schools and Middle Schools

Cui Chumin, Secretary of the 11th Middle School and President of Beijing, gave a keynote speech. "Effectively implementing the integration of Da Si politics lesson, we must focus on solving ‘how to manage? How to teach? How to learn?’ The three major issues of Beijing. Exploration has realized the unity of ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideology. The ideological and political classrooms are unified with the social classroom, and the discipline courses and moral education systems are unified; The course of education course.

He said that he hoped that the roots of the Community Research Forum were deeper and deeper, and more regions and schools participated in the research forums to make the trees of Dashen politics vitality. The activity was launched in 17th section of the integrated practice of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools through online platforms, including universities such as Beijing University of Technology, Capital Normal University, Beijing No. 11 Middle School, Chongqing Tsinghua Middle School, Beijing University of Technology Affiliated Middle School , Beijing Eleventh Middle School Affiliated to Jingzhong Street Primary School, Beijing Eleventh Middle School, Ding’anli Primary School, and other primary schools. The ideological and political courses, disciplines, and classes of ideological and political courses, disciplines, and classes were launched in topics such as political, Chinese, physics, geography, music, and Taoism, etc., and further advanced ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideas and politics. Practicing the practice of Da Si Political Course. "This course practice participates in more schools, more teachers, more disciplines, and wider regions." The relevant person in charge introduced that the activities reflected the three highlights of strengthening curriculum construction, deepening theme construction, and promoting the development of community.

The event is sponsored by the Beijing Institute of Education and Sciences and the Education and Science Research Institute of Beijing Dongcheng District. The integrated practical research community and other units of the integrated practical research of primary and secondary schools.

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