Another Australian prime minister voice: Morrison has repeatedly lying on me!

According to the "Ninth" website of Australia, Tenbur was asked how to see how Australia Morrison and French President Markon had a mouth angle. "He (Morrison) has repeatedly lie to me many times, mine.It means that there are many examples, Skot Morrison has been lying well.

"Talking about the French nuclear submarine dispute, Tenbur said that as a national leader, Morrison’s practice actually represents the entire Australia," No matter where you are lie, it is not 上海静安桑拿会所 good, when you are at the international levelDo it, will have a more serious consequence."Since the 魔都龙凤网 nuclear submarine crisis, Tenbur is the second prime minister who swindled Morrison’s Australian.

上海各区工作室外卖 On October 30th, the former Prime Minister of Australia had copyright works in overseas network and unauthorized not reprint.Editor: Li Meng, Liu Ling.


Cantonese 大龙凤419 Opera Movie "White Snake Love · Love" advances in advance by young people

  Cantonese Opera Movie "White Snake" propaganda poster.The Pearl River Film Group is drawn by the Pearl River Film Group, Guangdong Yue Theater, Foshan Cultural Development Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Zhang Sungfeng is directed, and it is a screenwriter.The national first-class actor, the Chinese Drama Plumpot Award and the Chinese Wenhua Performance Award winner Zeng Qimgen, the national first-level actor Wen Yan Qing Leading, Zhu Hongxing, Wang Yanfei joint starring.

  In the past few days, the starring the famous names shared the key difficulties, interesting things and experience in the film creation, which mentioned that the Cantonese opera actor walked into the movie from the drama, integrating the "singing, thinking, doing, playing" technique in the Cantonese opera into the 上海品茶微信群 movie language, isA big problem in the Cantonese opera movie creation.

  According to reports, "White Snake" is integrated into the simplicity, leave white and rhyme pursued in the Aesthetics in Song Dynasty, retains the essence of traditional drama, and also injects Oriental aesthetics.Every minute of the film, there is a consideration of the insertion between the art and movie art behind the art.


Dihappy Community: AI equipment to bless the old community "zero fire"

On November 9th is the national fire safety day, the city’s first residential community smart fire management system has been built in the outdoor auspicious community for half a year.

In the past six months, there have been a lot of fire in auspicious, and the sense of security is greatly enhanced.

More than 1300 points realized hidden dangers all covered in auspicious in the East Second Ring Road, with a total of 20 residential buildings, more than 7,200 population.

Because there are many property rights, the variety of fire hazards, the shortage of fire facilities, and the auspiciousness will take a few small fires every year, and there is still an electric vehicle spontaneous combustion event.

At the beginning of this year, the army launched the construction of community intelligence fire management system in the Jixiang Richuan District.

"We have a total of more than 1,300 points, set 4 4K HD" Fire "camera, 462 smoke alarms, 373 manual alarms, 342 acoustic alarms, and 181 AI cameras.

Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Ping An Construction Office, the head of the army, said using the Internet and Ai (artificial intelligence) technology to realize the fire prevention and rapid alarm, realize the advanced coverage equipment of the public space hidden danger, and have a wide variety of camcords. Some are specially stacked in the stacked stack in the corridor. Some pipe fire passages are parked. Some are installed in the elevator, and the electric bicycles and batteries will be rejected. They also set up 4 sets 4K HD in the top of the building. Fire eye "camera, found that only 5 seconds can be automatically alarm only in 5 seconds. All smart devices are collected by real-time to the fire command center – the police station in the army.

From the police and community security, the co-administrator is 24-hour duty. Once the hidden dangers or fire, the corresponding measures will be taken immediately.

The 爱上海水磨工作室论坛 "seven-level linkage" community fire control police system has a variety of advanced equipment, many fire hazards can be found and eliminated in time. But for many years, it is used to stacked stacks, violating parking, and push electric vehicles into the building of the residents, but it is somewhat uncomfortable.

"On the basis of technical defense, we also formed a prostitute volunteer team, including property, building, social workers and volunteers, a total of more than 20 people." The relevant person in charge of the community party committee told reporters that for the long-term habits of residents, they On the one hand, the actual problem of parking and charging is solved, and on the other hand, hosted.

After half a year of milling, most residents agree with the new regulations of 上海水磨 the community.

According to rough statistics, over 95% of residents can consciously abide by fire defense, pushing electric vehicles into the building, and the situation of taking the battery is also reduced to one or two. After the AI ??camera is identified, it will dissuade the stop in time.

In order to improve the speed of the police, all departments have established a community fire control police system associated with the joint defense associated joint command, "seven-level linkage" warranty model escort fire safety (ie squad, brigade, detach line, street, community, key units and property) ) , The auxiliary police, rigs, property company volunteer firefighters, community building heads, etc., 31 people, such as duty, and do their best.

In addition, the community property personnel can accept the street fire emergency command center to unified scheduling of the street fire emergency command center through the "Fire Extinguishing Team" app. More than 170 hidden dangers in half a year, it does not imply the relevant departments, and the unit can do "handwear shopkeeper".

The street, police station, fire protection and property set up a research team of smart firefighting projects, formulating "Fire Management Rules" and "Community Fire" Top Ten "Operation System", clarifying fire, street, community, regional joint-defense group member unit, police station, Police Station, property, resident fire protection responsibilities and obligations ensure long-term stable operation mechanism for community wisdom fire.

For half a year, the fire protection system in auspicious has been monitored and rectified to more than 170 security hazards in the building stack, the electric vehicle charging and fire across the fire channel, and the corridor consumption case has been reduced by more than 80 years. 5 starting from 5 months.

In the past auspicious, small fire sporadic.

But in the past six months, there has not been a fire together, and the safety of residents has greatly improved. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Weifang Branch Pu Hui Financial Assistant Characteristic Industry Green Development

People’s Network Weifang On November 16th, I went into the Ott Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. in Weifang City, Shandong Province, and a green organic vegetable greenhouse, all kinds of fruits and vegetables were shipped from high standard processing workshops, and they were seizing.

"Organic vegetables in large cities that are sold in Northern Big City are around 2 tons, each can sell a high price of two or thirty yuan a pound, which is the high-efficiency brought by green ecology." Liu Zengqi, head 上海水磨娱乐会所地址 of corporate finance, introduced . This is a small micro enterprise specializing in green organic vegetables, processing and sales, with large-scale largest organic product e-commerce platform. In order to support the expansion production scale of Otti Organic Agriculture, the Chinese Agricultural Bank Shandong Weifang Yanyan Branch workers have repeatedly visited the docking, according to the needs and business conditions of corporate funds, 2 million yuan for small enterprises. There is a short business process, fast approval, and timely loans, and low benchmark interest rates. In recent years, China Agricultural Bank Shandong Weifang Branch has made a good intensive financial service, focusing on rural resolution strategy, based on local characteristics, and vigorously supports the national "three districts three parks" 上海逍遥网论坛 construction, Sannong new business, High-quality small micro enterprises in the farm green project, continuously increase policy, product, assessment and mechanism tilt. The bank’s innovation launched the "micro-loan" "Small Micro-e-loan" online product system, "Small Micro E-loan" online product system, formulating special Popula credit plan, optimizing credit business processes, explores the implementation of batch, template The operation mode, effectively shortening the time limit, implementing the reduction in payment, reducing the financing cost of small and micro enterprises, and fully support the characteristic industry, small and micro enterprises do bigger. (Li Wei) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.


Gree is punished for white home appliances a bit difficult

  Last weekend, Gree electrical appliances were sent to US $ 91 million in the United States. The news originated was an announcement of "Gree Electric Co., Ltd. accused of unable to report dangerous dehumidifiers" and agreed with $ 91 million solutions. .

On October 31, Gree Electric issued a "Description of Gree Electric Approved cases in the United States", saying that the case will not affect the company’s normal operation and this year’s performance. Even so, the performance of Gree Electric is still unreasonable, and the third quarter revenue and profit have fallen.

In addition, two large white home appliance giants, the United States, and Haiero home the same performance in the third quarter, and the growth rate slowed down. Although the traditional peak season arrives, the days of white home appliances are sad.

  According to the third quarter of the 20021, the report was announced in the third quarter of the year. The company realized the revenue billion yuan in the third quarter, downloaded by the year, attributed to the net profit of the shareholders of listed companies, a year-on-year decline, the first three quarters, Gree Electric Realization of revenue billions, increased year-on-year, attributed to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies, year-on-year growth%.

  The Haiero family did not escape such a destiny. Data show that the three-quarter single quarter achieves income billion yuan, net profit billion yuan, returned to the net profit of 100 million yuan, the net profit of the returnee, the net profit of 100 million yuan, with a decrease of%,%,%, and increasing% in the same period of 2020.

  In this regard, Haier Zhage explained that the decline in performance was because the company peeled off the Caros business in the third quarter of 2020, as well as the company completed H shares in December 2020, introduced the listing of Haier Electric, and realized 100% of Haier Electric Holdings, such as eliminating the contribution of Caros business on the same revenue and profit, and assume that the same period is 100% holding Haier Electric, according to the same diameter, the company’s income, the return of the return, the return of the return, the same period, the same period of 2020, %. However, compared with the first half of this year, the Gairi family’s growth is still slow.

In the first half of the year, its revenue and returned net profit increased% and% respectively. The United States has continued to grow in the first half of the year.

According to the financial report, the company achieved billion yuan in the third quarter, the year-on-year increase, the net profit of return is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase%; the first three quarters of this year, the revenue is 100 million, the year-on-year growth%, the return of the return is 100 million Yuan, a year-on-year growth. However, compared with the first half of the year, the United States’s performance growth rate also slowed down. In the first half of the year, its revenue and return profit increased by the same period from last year,% and% respectively. Overall, the performance of the three white electric manufacturers in the third quarter could not talk about excellence. In contrast, in terms of revenue, the United States is still "boss", and Gree electrical appliances have been behind Haiero home, but in terms of profit, the profit margin of Gree Electric is still the highest, the margin home’s profit margin is still Patency.

  Demand decline, said that 上海龙凤网工作室 the annual three-quarter is the peak season of Baodio sales, summer heat leads to high demand for air conditioning, as well as "6.18" shopping festival and other nodes, why is the company’s financial report? The observed person of the home appliance industry believes that this year is very special for the white electric market in the third quarter. On the one hand, it is air conditioning, refrigerator and 上海高端水磨品茶 other primary products, the peak season is not prosperous, dragging down the amount of enterprises and increases the increase in enterprises; on the other hand is the raw material price Continuous, multi-wheel rising, causing the cost of business costs. The peak season is not prosperous, especially in air conditioning sales. According to ENG, the data of Oviyun.com, because the weather is not hot and the epidemic, the domestic air-conditioning retail is more frustrated in the third quarter of 2021, and the quantity of online retail and offline decreased by 10%, and this year 1-9 Month, the air conditioning industry offline and the online retail volume declined 9% and 5% respectively. The Beijing Business Daily reported an interview with dealers from Henan. She said: "As far as our mall, the white electricity is not too good in the third quarter, and the last year has declined, mainly due to epidemic, market saturation high.

However, the price is more significant than the original. "The factors that cause price improvement are the continuous rise in the raw materials mentioned above, and the Haiero family also pointed out that the company has faced the development of the industry, the cost of raw materials continued to rise, and the overseas epidemic situation is repeated.

  For Gree Electric, the performance decline is the reason for its own adjustment in addition to market factors.

The relevant person in charge of Gree Electric Tell Beijing Business News reporter: "Although it is a peak season, we are doing channel reforms this year, dealers pick up the goods, the shipments are not so big, so the data is not so good.

"It is reported that the Gree Electric has accelerated channel change since 2021, opened the" new retail "marketing model of double-line integration. Gree electrical appliances have highly dependent on traditional distributors channels, and have a huge dealer system, sales in the third quarter will focus Pump, but after the start of the epidemic, Gree Electric started to do channel reform. The dealer’s delivery is basically sold. How much is sold, this year is a new model, so the gap is more obvious.

  In addition, it is undeniable that Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have implemented the IOT strategy in these years, which is also squeezed and seized the market space of traditional home appliance companies.

  Diversified layout in fact, the home appliance industry has started a few years ago, so in the past few years, the manufacturers have continuously developed the new business in order to maintain performance growth. "At present, the entire home appliance industry is in the channel of a round of transformation and upgrading, and seeking a breakthrough in the amount of quality, so it has also brought the stage of operating performance fluctuations.

"Xu Sheng said. On the transformation road, the three directions are different.

In the financial report, Haiero home said that the company is accelerating the smart family strategic transformation, focusing on high-end brands, scene brands, ecological brand building;, in addition to continuing to increase marketing in small appliances, the United States will continue to increase the marketing efforts of small appliances. And smart medical and other industries; Gree Electric’s recent announcement shows that the company has become an Yinlong New Energy Shareholder, Yinlong New Energy has completed the change of shareholders, and the company has been implemented. "Simply, Haier is the landing of ecological and scenarios to speed up the home appliance and customization plan, seeking upgrading from the single product to system program capabilities; the United States is in the internal synergistic integration of multi-categories, and the external intelligent home appliance plan floor stage In the future, it will face the scene as a breakthrough, accelerate the collaborative integration of all the categories; Gree electrical appliances are also in the diversified expansion and layout stage, orderly from the home appliance business, it is necessary to further promote other categories outside the air conditioner. Be strong. "Xu Yi strong summarizes.

  In his opinion, no matter which track is selected, the current three companies are in a single product from the single product to the program, from the stage of product manufacturing to lifestyle, there is a slow, strong and weak, the final transformation is still Depending on the implementation of the accommodation in the next three or five years. Beijing Business Daily reporter Shi Feiyue.


Anhui Dingyuan: Developing blueprints have been "fixed" country vibration is not "far"

Dingyuan County in the sunset.

Wang Xichichun took the villagers Shengbao couples are cleaning their health. When I saw reporters, I enthusiastically greet my family, and 上海虹口区水电路油压 two buildings also had a bright backyard.

After the two sons, they kept the beautiful little family. The husband made zero workers, and the wife was full of cross stitching at home. The wall was full of gorgeous embroidery. The wife said: "The home outside the family is good, embroidered flowers.

"The people who are full of satisfaction" has a good time, there is a flower and grass, there is a good life, there is a good mood. "Indeed, retain the green mountains, retain the beautiful hometown, build a beautiful home, can Let farmers have feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

At the moment, it is the most exciting time in Qilitang Township in Dingyuan County. "Now the environment is good, people who have played more, more than 80,000 yuan more than 80,000 yuan." The prince 上海品茶交友群 of the villagers who operated farmhouse in the village said.

Who can think of it, the previous Qitang Township is only a close-up village in remote areas. Qi Li Tang Township is relying on the new village’s new appearance, building a special rural tourism, and the villagers Wang Zhenqiang feel: "Now I can’t see the garbage, the oyster, the oyster, and I will not smell the river smell. The rural mountain clear water show, bird language flower, The view is pleasant, just like living in the foreign lascraft.



Haiyu Lake Village, Linxi County: Press the "Fast Jun" of Green Reform

In the south of Linxi County, there is such a small village, a mountain hug, the fruit forest, the peasant, the farmhouse is built, the square, the village road, the housing is not like, beautiful like a painting, this is the new city Haitanghu Village. No one thought that more than ten years ago, the traffic is blocked, and the villagers have no other income source, and the young powerful labor is helpless. In 2016, Haitanghu Village began to vigorously developed the forest fruit industry, gradually built industrial industries such as collecting tour, fruit deep processing and corn, and enabled fruit to translate value-added, forming a closed industrial chain, for local Farmers brought jobs to achieve industrial revitalization and ecological revitalization double harvest targets.

Qiao Song, secretary of the party committee of the new city, said: "In order to increase the added value of fruit, we introduced fruit deep processing enterprises to settled in the annual output of 70,000 tons of juice, has been put into production for many years; introduced 6,000 tons of fruit and vegetable storage companies, this year Start anti-seasonal cooking fruit; starting from the construction of 600 tons this year, the fruit is deep processing enterprise, and the plan will be running at the end of the year.

We also strengthen the upgrade of forest fruit to improve the income of fruit farmers through strong production, b2 production, and three production methods, and help rural residence.

"Haitanghu Village also attracts visitors to visit farmers throughout the country through the Flower Festival, Picking Festival, and online broadcasting. Haitanghu Village Fruits Wang Yun Hao said:" There is more tourists from this year, I will sell it in the morning. 2000 pounds, picking than wholesale can more than 1 yuan per catty, thank the government to revenue for us to find a way to find ways. "I saw in Haitanghu Village Economic Forest Industry Park, the trucks came from the park, and the workers were busy loading the car, and the agriculturally showed the product.

Cui Yonghui, the chairman of the Fenghe Cooperative, the first-installed car, said to the author: "It turned out that I was working in the field. I can’t earn a few money in the first year. There is a good project in the village. I will put it back to try the mentality. I didn’t expect this Mongolian wild fruit ‘, let me earn the first bucket of gold.

At present, I have 1,000 acre Lin Fruit Base. This year, two cold storage did not sell two cold 上海普陀区300块会所 storage this year, and there was almost 100,000 pounds.

"Cui Yonghui sells wild fruit through the e-commerce platform, and the pure income can reach 500,000 yuan.

People like Cui Yonghui have a lot here, it is this hottest and business opportunities to attract them to return home, contribute to the revitalization of their hometown.

The native talent training base in Haitanghu Village was rated as a demonstration base of the city-level outstanding local talent.

In the training class, farmers carefully produce handicrafts, a piece of corn leather stickers, a vivid cartoon image, a set of household goods, etc., in the dexterous hands.

The villagers Xuanyuan said: "We will come here to learn and do it, neither delay farm activities, and will not affect the dry house, 上海自带工作室服务 and the annual income will not be a problem." Xinchengzi Town established a corn skin creation Industrial Association, let women become a farmer’s businesses, through participation in corn leather posters and weaving production, inheriting and developing intangible cultural heritage, achieving cultural rejuvenation, and makes villagers to increase.

From the mountains to eat mountains, go to the mountains and hills, the past Haitang Village is "the mountain baldness is rare, and there is no change in the day". Now the Haitang Lake Village is "the mountains of the mountains and the mountains, and the sightseeing is picking from driving." Haitanghu Village presses the fast forward button of green change, and the convergence of one or two-three production around the forest fruit industry, running "acceleration" on the road of village.

(Li Xiaojun Guo Miao Miao Sun Chong) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Change the past, the new crown vaccine awareness and actively guide people 3-11 years old "should take the best pick."

  Recently, the parents of children in kindergarten and primary schools began to receive notification of new crown to carry out vaccination, 3-11-year-olds to launch a new crown vaccination, which need to pay attention to what? 3-11 year-olds vaccinated Why is it necessary? October 30, the State Council held a joint prevention and control conference.

Chief expert Wang Huaqing China CDC immunization program at the meeting, said: "With the new crown spread and prevalence of the virus in some countries can be seen in the level of incidence of child and adult-onset late last year has been close, which means understanding our past needs to change. "" actively guide the 3-11 year old age without contraindications crowd ‘should take the best pick’, 上海周边洗浴按摩 and strive to complete the full vaccination before the end of December.

"Deputy director of the Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau Wu Liang has said that the new crown virus inactivated vaccine in 3-11-year-olds in the safety and immunogenicity of the population aged 18 and over were no significant differences, considering the production of vaccines ability, vaccination 上海浦东夜生活论坛 ability, clinical trials, cases and prevention and control work actually, our country will vaccination target population adjusted by over 12 years of age is 3 years old. fight or not to fight? recently, parents meet often ask each new crown vaccine to children vaccinated I wish: "you Da Buda? "Everybody on the one hand concern is how the new vaccine safety, on the other hand is considered under the current prevention and control situation, it is not required to have their children immunized.

  3-11 year-olds vaccinated crown new vaccine necessary? Wang Huaqing said that some countries in the world have launched a new crown vaccine inoculation among children. "We build herd immunity, it is desirable to achieve a reduction in the prevalence of the disease or blocked by herd immunity, children are an important part of the population, it is an important part of the formation of herd immunity.

"Wang Huaqing said, statistics show that there are severe among the groups of children, deaths, and some countries have reported new crown prevalence levels among children exceed the level of influenza pandemic.

  Visible, international data show that the new crown has changed in children, the incidence rate is relatively low from experience, and therefore, children also need vaccinations prevent disease.

  How to lead children vaccinated children 3-11 years of age is the main target of preventive vaccination immunization programs, parents in child vaccination process have some experience. In addition to vaccination than do the reservation, before going to crown a new vaccine inoculation, parents also need to pay attention to what? Wang Huaqing stressed that in addition to understanding the new crown vaccination process, but also concerned about their children’s health. To provide truthful information in the field of children’s current health status and past taboos situation previous vaccination, vaccination let the doctor make a judgment.

  On the new crown vaccination notice, also special tips parents should take the child vaccination certificate, ID card, household and other related documents when to vaccination. Parents before children are vaccinated, to be informed, to complete the new crown vaccination on the basis of consent. Wang Huaqing suggested that if children are particularly tight, parents should do a good job counseling, because children over 5 years of age may be some psychogenic reaction, older children should avoid strenuous exercise. During vaccination, epidemic prevention and control provisions are related to the new crown, this time whether parents or children, have proper personal protection, with local prevention and control work, particularly in the inoculation point. After inoculation or to further emphasize the observation room for 30 minutes and if vaccinated children appeared in the case related to suspected adverse reactions, should be promptly reported.

  3-11 year-old children immunized planning how to balance the vaccine inoculation commonly encountered with other vaccines or immunization programs need to take into account the overlap or non-vaccinated on time vaccine immunization program, this should be how to do it? Wang Huaqing stressed, we must ensure that the new vaccine and other vaccine crown interval of 14 days. In order to ensure that the new crown vaccine with other vaccines both vaccination and to ensure the security, national health committee grassroots Division Ombudsman Fu Wei said the primary health care institutions bear children 0-6 years old national immunization program vaccine tasks in their daily work, also includes daily two types of vaccine inoculation of influenza vaccine.

With the launching of the new crown virus vaccination of 3-11 year-olds, primary health care institutions need to co-ordinate better vaccination and routine vaccination new crown virus vaccine.

  According to reports, in conjunction with the education sector to guide health sector schools, kindergartens and so good communication to inform, organize and mobilize the initiative of parents ordered to lead the children to the designated location vaccinated, qualified institutions to carry out time-phased vaccination appointment. When inoculated, in strict accordance with the "vaccination norms" requirements, the standard vaccination process, strict vaccination operation, the implementation of informed consent, health inquiry, vaccination contraindications verification and on-site 30 minutes after inoculation and observing other requirements.


Gui’an New District introduced a centralized signing ceremony for high quality education resources

People’s Daily November 19th (Gaohua) November 18 Construction School Handling Agreement "" Complementing Education Community Agreement ".

According to reports, this centralized signing is intended to implement the relevant decision-making deployment of Guiyang Gui’an integration development on supporting Gui’an New District, "Strong Provincial Association" action, and promoting Gui’an 上海吃广式早茶的地方 New District to introduce quality education resources related work, and promote high education Quality development, improve the supply of quality degree in the new area.

For year Guiyang Gui’an Education, I have entered Guiyang Experimental Primary School, Guiyang City Experimental Kindergarten to New District Office, and I printed on October this year "Gui’an New District introduced Quality Education Resources Work Plan (Trial)", This is the first time in Guiyang City, the first time in the form of redhead files to a region. This signing is a major measures to promote high quality integration development in Guiyang Guo’an Education, which is also a major opportunity to promote the integration, balanced and modern development of urban and rural education. At the signing ceremony, the Social Affairs Bureau of Gui’an New District has signed the "Operational Cooperation Agreement" in Yunyan District, Nanming District and Guanshan Lake District, and signed 上海闵行区419娱乐会所 a school handover with the Greentown of Green City. Agreement; Guiyang City, Gui’an New Area related schools signed the "Complementary Education Alliance Agreement".

The agreement relates to 22 Guiyang High-Quality Schools, including 6 division of schools, 14 of the Education Community, two education alliances, combined, cover to all central schools in the new district. "In March this year, the Gui’an New District introduced high-quality education resource work, and conducted a preliminary school screening and programming.

"Wang opened by Wang opened by the Guiyang Education Bureau’s Gui’an Education Management Office, after the contract is completed, the school will be in accordance with the agreement, hosted by the whole school, to hold a division of schools, and the completion of the 松江足浴按摩论坛 Education Community, and the education alliance. Cooperation, realize the synchronous development of Guiyang and Gui’an two regions, supplements with insufficient high-quality education resources in Gui’an New District. (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Excessive Sodity to the App said "No"! This "provisions" disclose opinions

Under the guidance of the national Internet information office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will draft the Ministry of Public Security and the Market Supervision Administration. Function, the positioning authorization will be popped up, affecting you browsing; edit a document, you need to provide photo permissions … Big Data Age, some apps require users to override all kinds of unnecessary privacy by default, otherwise it will not be used.

In response to the above troubles of the user, the comment is indicated that the Application of App Personal Information Processing activities should be informed of the personal information processing rules with clear and easy-to-understand language. Under the premise of being fully informed, make a voluntary and clear meaning. And clarified the "six items should" requirements. "The comment shows the app to draw the bottom line, clear the red line, clearly collect personal information can no longer ‘outline’." Zuo Xiaodong, Vice President of China Information Security Research, introduced, according to the "Network Security Law", network operation If you collect, use personal information, you should disclose, use rules, express delivery, use of information purposes, and scope, and the consent of the collectors.

However, some companies often "turn the edge ball" in the 上海水磨休闲娱乐会所 implementation. For example, the privacy policy is difficult to access, inducing the user’s default consent, requiring users a package of authorization, etc.

Excessive Sorry for the mobile phone APP says that "not" comment on the advice, except for the principle of "informed consent", it also made "minimal necessary" provisions.

If the comment is proposed, it should have a clear, reasonable purpose, and follow the "minimum necessary" principle, and must not engage in personal information processing activities that exceed the user agreed by users or associated with service scenes.

"For personal information collection, the" Network Security Law "clearly specifies the" legal, positive, and necessary "principle.

But since, 上海移花宫交友论坛 ‘The principle is difficult to evaluate. "Zuo Xiaodong introduced, seeking the opinion, the real problem of personal information collection type, scope, border judgment is difficult, further accurately implement the" legal, positive, necessary "principle in the network security law, and make a detailed definition of" minimum necessary " For example, if the number, frequency, accuracy, etc. of personal information should be required for the service, and the personal information should be read, write, delete, modification and other operations should be required. In addition, some app operators reach an over-range The purpose of collecting information has also taken some forced behavior. For example, if the user does not agree to provide information, exit service, frequent pop-up window repeated application 上海高端私人会所 is unrelated to rights (users often have to agree), this opinion is for these behaviors I also made a list of ban.

Under the multi-tube, guard our personal information in recent years, in order to effectively strengthen personal information protection, standardize personal information, and the relevant departments have paid many efforts.

The National Netition Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Common Types of Mobile Internet Applications, the Scope of Personal Information Scope of Personal Information, and Clearly Specification APP Collect Personal Information Activities.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducted a second consecutive year of special rectification actions, as of January 2021, a total of 730,000 App was completed, ordered to change 3046 illegal App, and the 179 refused APP was replaced.

The comments from this time stipulates the personal information protection obligations of multiple subjects, and the APPs that have not been completed or repeatedly issued as required, and the technical confrontation is taken, and the direct processes are processed directly; The APP must not be reopened again through any channel within 40 working days. "The current level of China’s ability to protect citizens’ personal information through the rule of law is continuously improved, and the supervision activities of the regulatory authorities have a normalization trend.

"Zuo Xiaodong said that section 16 of the comment is clearly approved by administrative penalties, including order rectification and social announcement, lowering disposal, disconnection, punishment, and punishment. In addition, credit management can be implemented, which is about to violate the rules The main body is incorporated into credit management, implementing joint disciplinary. For "repeated teachings" .

For the provisions of Article 18 of the crime, Article 18, the public security organ shall investigate criminal responsibility according to law.

(Editor: Zhou Jing, Zeng Wei) Sharing let more people see.