Chongqing Local Finance Regulatory Bureau jointly prevented the risk of "agency rights"

  People’s Network Chongqing On October 27th, the Chongqing Local Financial Supervision Bureau jointly established the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chongqing Market Supervision Administration, China Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission Chongqing Supervision Bureau issued "About the Protection of Agency Rights Risk Optimization Business of the Financial Field The environment’s notice is designed to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, effectively combating poor "agent rights" agencies or personal malicious complaints report violations, and safeguard the financial market environment of fair and fair integrity.

  At present, bad "agent rights" agencies or individuals are famous for business information or through WeChat, Forum, Weibo, video websites to recruit business, 上海龙风1314 lying "full amount of retraction restriction" "solve personal debt" Letter repair, etc., play the banner of "rights protection", require the "Participation" to sign a service agreement, collect deposit, and induce consumers to provide sensitive information such as consumers such as ID card, policy information, bank card and other personal privacy, The regulatory authorities or letters and visits are not realistic and repeated malicious complaints, which is illegally profitable.

"Notice" pointed out that these bad "rights" behavior not only increase the risk of consumer personal information, but also delay the best-dimensional opportunity, leading to financial consumers to suffer economic and credit losses, and it may cause financial consumers in extreme cases. 上海千花论坛 Fraud. The behavior of bad "agent rights" seriously infringes the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, disturbing financial market order and destroys a good business environment. To this end, "Notice" pointed out that the regulatory authority requires the legal compliance operation of financial institutions, earnestly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and continues to increase financial knowledge, helping consumers to establish a rational financial consumption concept, and improve consumer complaints Mechanism and smooth complaint channels, continuously improve financial consumer satisfaction.

The second is to call on financial consumers to enhance self-protection awareness, establish a rational financial consumption concept, through formal ways according 上海喝茶交流群 to law and safeguard their legal rights, consciously resist bad "agent rights" "agent definition".

The third is the act of "agency rights" "agent", the act of legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and the market supervision department will also strictly crack down in accordance with the law, and pursue relevant institutions and individual laws. responsibility.

  It is reported that in order to effectively prevent the risk of "agent rights" in Chongqing’s financial field, earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Chongqing City Insurance Industry Association, and the Chongqing Banking Association is also guided by the competent department, and opened the consultation and complaint report processing 023-88812378; 023-63661919, special people handled.

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Harbin Shangzhi Municipal People’s Government Township Work [吉 上海虹口桑拿会所 密 乡] Harbin Rural Prevention and Control Group to our city Wuji Township inspection and guiding rural extensive exercises work

On October 29th, Harbin Rural Prevention and Control Group Agricultural Rural Bureau Party Committee Full-time deputy secretary of the first-level researcher Lin Changhong took the team to the city of Wuji Township to guide the rural areas of epidemic exercises, through the practice of practical drills, inspection The ability to prevent and control the epidemic in rural areas in our city, further improve the equipment configuration and working mechanism.

The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, the relevant units, and the relevant person in charge of township are accompanying.

As seen in the exercise site, this drill main simulation case discovery and reporting, 上海90分钟全套 epidemiological survey sampling, case shipment, epidemic spots, epidemic control and other scenes, and how relevant staff do a good job.

The participating staff participated in the actual requirements, and the drills were carried out in an orderly manner.

Lin Changhong pointed out that I hope to participate in the drills, take the emergency drill as an opportunity, carefully find the problems and lack of existing problems, monitoring, on-site control, refunding, isolation observation, screening, final disinfection, etc. More details, more, more specific, and continuously improve the new crown pneumonia epidemic synergy, further texture, building the epidemic prevention and control "safety net". (Source: Shangzhi City Information Center).


China’s import and export bank Hebei Branch launched the "financial standard for the people" publicity activities

The bank is positioned around policy financial functions. By scrolling "financial standards for the people" series of "financial standards for the public" series promotion video, producing and issuing brochures, making financial standards, making financial standards, etc. Ensure that publicity is in place, further improving the role of financial standards in terms of civilian companies.

In addition, the bank actively organizes employees to conduct internal learning exchanges, which is designed to guide employees to further implement financial prevention and control requirements in work, help Popular financial development, and support local economic open development.

Financial standards are the technical support of the healthy development of the financial industry, and it is a financial governance system and a modernization of the management capacity.

Next, the bank will continue to 上海松江区品茶 pay attention to the promotion and popularization of financial standard knowledge, and use the "financial standard for the people" activities as an opportunity to actively explore more propaganda methods, using digital means, take online and offline combination Multi-channel popular financial standard knowledge, vigorously support the work of financial standardization "145" start, and promote the construction 上海各区外卖自带工作室 of new development of financial industry. (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


China’s earliest instant noodles were snapped in South Korea, only a pack of powder "Shanghai taste" let South Korea eye red

In the past 爱上海同城aish 51 years, the cociture surface has never faded out of the market.

Near Shanxi Taiyuan Railway Station, there is even a small restaurant specializing in the cuggers. Since 1988, it has been used in 32 years to welcome the four seas and eight-party passengers.In the face of this classic taste, the Guanshengyuan Group held the idea of trying to see in July this year, and exported the first batch of 500 boxes 上海嘉定品茶论坛sn "Happy" instant noodles to be sold to South Korea in the style of convenience.

Packaging is simple and seasoning only one pack of cubes really rejection of unique scorpion and tasty soup, quickly get local consumers welcome.South Korea dealers sniff the business opportunities, and the whole cabinet orders were started in September.Recently, a total of 1250 boxes have been installed in the factory, and will arrive in the Korean market without day.

Guomao, Guomao, who is responsible for exporting, in order to make Shanghai instant noodles more in line with local market demand, the cugger noodles have export packaging, but still continuing red blue-yellow packaging design.


Chengdu Hi-tech Zone to explore the integrated circuit industry cohabitation help create the electronic information industry one trillion

People Chengdu, January 13 electrical (Wang Jun) integrated circuit is the core of the information technology industry, is to support economic and social development of the strategic, fundamental and leading industry. In order to promote industrial development in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone of integrated circuits, January 13, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, held in the integrated circuit industry Jing Rong Department of cohabitation Council preparatory cum first director of the General Assembly, more than 60 business representatives to participate in the integrated circuit. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone official said, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone set up the integrated circuit industry rule by the Council, in order to solve the traditional government-led industrial development model "pain points", to build multi-stakeholder involvement by the government, industry, academia, co-governance a new model of industrial development, promoting intraregional integrated circuit enterprises from the management, object services into self-management, self-service body, thereby increasing the efficiency of resource allocation, enhance and promote the business service industry professional level.

Political realms industry-university co-governance and create better environment for enterprise development as early as September 2018, the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone first proposed to build multi-stakeholder involvement, co-governance of the industry to develop new models.

Then, big data and network security, network and digital audio-visual cultural and creative, 5G and artificial intelligence, incubation support, financial services and other industry cohabitation Council have been established. According to reports, the establishment of the integrated circuit industry cohabitation size of the Board is the governing unit 70, composed of representatives of industry companies, university institutions, social organizations and other components.

Board members from industrial development to make an important contribution to the integrated circuit Chengdu, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone willing to participate in the industry key enterprises and cohabitation among agencies responsible for brewing consultations, and to ensure that the Council consultation procedure of universality, representativeness and professionalism . IC industry will promote the rule by the Council in the integrated circuit industry planning, policy development, corporate services, project, integration of production and education and other aspects of Electronic Information Industry Bureau of mutual support, functions complement each other, to form a government, industry, academia and other Qizhua condominium in a good situation, and carry out the theme by Sharon will share education with Shuangxuan integration, professional training, investment and financing docking, market development and other activities to enrich the integrated circuit industry ecosystem, promote the ecological improvement Chengdu Hi-tech zone IC industry.

Fu Yu, vice president of Verisilicon (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Personnel Administration, said this model will drive more companies into government decision-making demands, the business development needs, 上海夜生活论坛 problems get accurate and timely solutions, but also conducive to further stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship body the enthusiasm, the release of the new momentum for economic development and industrial upgrading. "We are currently focusing on the development of power semiconductor R & D and incubation center project, the industry rule by establishing the Council, the government can provide resources and support for our resource industries are trying to create a ‘core salon’ a series of activities," Chengdu Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. Bai Jie, general manager first said that Chengdu will also help us build a strong power semiconductor industry cluster objectives to be more favorable industrial policy environment. IC industrial upgrading help to create electronic information industry one trillion Chinese Academy 上海新茶外卖 of Sciences, Fudan University president Xu Ningsheng has pointed out, "is the core of all high-tech integrated circuit products and applications." As the IC industry development in western gathering, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is IC vigorously promote industrial upgrading. This year, the completion of the first national "core fire" double hit base in southwest China, has been assigned to design a laboratory, a testing laboratory 4, have the ability to provide a wide range of public services; the introduction of silicon Science and Technology, Silvaco, Huaxing Sheng , cellular internet – Bosch and other well-known public technology platform, professional incubator 4.

In November 2019, the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone total of 95 billion yuan of industrial output integrated circuit, an increase of 18%.

上海按摩微信群 Up to now, the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone more than 150 existing IC enterprises, brings together Intel, Texas Instruments, purple show sharp leading enterprises, has initially established covering IC design, wafer fabrication, packaging and testing, and supporting material, and the whole system complete industrial chain machine.

Upgrading the integrated circuit industry has boosted the development of Chengdu electronic information industry.

2019, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone 129 on the regulation of electronic information industrial enterprises realized a total output value of billion yuan, an increase of%. Chengdu as the core area of ??electronic information industry functional areas, around 2019 West Chengdu High-tech industry ecosystem to create and control the introduction of investment operational picture in the chain and associated supporting 50 projects, attracting Foxconn intelligent wearable items touch Technology Innovation Center integration project, China semiconductor RFID, brocade artificial intelligence research and development and industrialization of major projects have settled. Electronic information industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Development Bureau relevant person in charge, said: "Next, we will focus on integrated circuits, new display, intelligent terminals, four major areas of information networks, fostering create ‘core screen end net’ international competitiveness and promote regional electronic information industry ecosystem force, actively integrate into the global electronic information industry chain and value chain of high-end core, Chengdu help build one trillion electronic information industry. "(Editor: Zhang Hua-dimensional, high Hongxia).


Constructing science and technology province "four galvan pillars" Hubei to play technology innovation "combination" 

On October 27th, at the 18th "China Optical Valley" International Optoelectronics Expo, a concentrated signing "Starlight".Pentium laser intelligent equipment Wuhan R & D Manufacturing Base, Guangyi Filter R & D and production base, highlighting electronic high-end test equipment R & D and intelligent manufacturing industrial park … 27 projects cover laser, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, quantum information and other 上海闵行区会所联系电话 industrial fields,The total amount reached 30.6 billion yuan, and the creation of the Creative Globs will have a new amount of surprises.At this moment, many people have a strong feeling – Hubei has entered the rapid track of technology innovation, innovative initiatives are more powerful, and the innovation atmosphere is more strong, and the innovation momentum is more rapid, and has become an increasingly important in my country’s innovative layout.

"Full eye life is transformed, the Tianshu is trying to get new." As of now, the increase value growth in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the province has increased the increase in high-tech industries; the first three quarters of this year, the province’s 12,327 enterprises were selected in the national technology type SME library, ranking No. 8 nationwide; technical contract transaction billion yuan,爱上海419 year-on-year growth%. Activating innovation "a chess" phospantine resource comprehensive utilization technology is a world-class problem, and a large number of phosphite accumulation not only occupies land resources, but also safety and environmental hazards.

On November 3, the reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that as a high-energy major innovation platform supporting Yichang Construction Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center – The Three Gorges Laboratory has been substantially operated.

Professor Pool, Chief Scientist Pool, will increase the integration of joint research and research, and strive to increase the comprehensive utilization of Hubei phospantine in two years, and finally realize zero emissions. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed to accelerate innovation and driving development, adhere to the core status of innovation, optimize the province’s regional innovation spatial layout and innovation factor configuration, and effectively transform the advantages of science and education resources into innovative advantages, talent advantages, development advantages.

The province has a joint association, "1 + 4" policy, "1 + 4" policy, "combined", "combined punches", science and technology province "four beams eight columns" accelerate construction, innovative driver development has achieved remarkable results. Since the establishment of the Guanggu Kok Children’s Corridor, Wuhan, Ezhou, Huangshi, Huanggang, Xianning actively promoted, 82 major innovation projects of more than 50 billion yuan, Wuhan National New Generation Artificial Intelligent Innovation Development Demonstration Zone released application scenario 103 Item; Wuhan Practice Intelligence Computing Center, Wuhan Super Country Center, the first "Double Carbon" Industrial Park, etc. in the middle, start construction.

Today, in this "gold corridor", more than 70% focus on the three innovative industrial bands of optical electronic information, great health, intelligent manufacturing, a series of innovative carriers, is full of regional innovation. energy level.

Xiangyang, Yichang Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center construction hoofs are stable. Take Fuyang, Yichang is the leader, "Yushu", "Yijing Jing", "Yi Jing Jing", "荆恩" and "宜 随" and "荆 荆" Science Corridor, linkage with Guanggu Technology Innovation Great Corridor, promoting North and South Two arrays integrated innovation and development. Breakthrough, first "one kilometer" October 26, Guanggu Laboratory Movement and Health Intelligent Technology Innovation Center will be established to face the major needs of people’s lives, focusing on actual scientific issues and key bottlenecks in sports and health care.

In just 8 months, the Optical Valley Lab has been published in the world’s top academic publication. The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to translate into key accelerated innovation applications, accelerate the development of large science devices, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and maximize innovative entrepreneurship creation vitality. At the beginning of the New Year, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, the new journey started, the Optical Valley Laboratory, Jiangxia Laboratory, the 上海莞式水磨裸台LaCK, Hongshan Laboratory, etc. 7 Hubei Laboratory were unveiled. From the major strategic needs of the national and Hubei economic and social development, Hubei Laboratory has enhanced the original innovation capabilities in the major sectors, breaking through key technology bottlenecks in key industries, and conducts major original research and collaborative research and research, and actively striving for national laboratories. .

The reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that the laboratory has achieved a number of important scientific research results. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Qiza, director of Hubei Hongshan Laboratory, said Hongshan Laboratory, won the investment of Daba Nongnan Group, and both parties will fully strengthen the basic research in the field of biological breeding, key core technical research, product research and development, and achievement transformation. "Chinese species" construction.

The large scientific device is known as the "National Heavy), which is a necessary condition for the breakthrough in many fields in modern science and technology. On November 9, the reporter saw on the construction site of major projects in Donghu Science Town, has been included in the national planned pulsed strong magnetic field experimental equipment optimization, the research facilities of national crop phenotypics, deep geotechnical engineering disturbance facilities, etc. 3 major science The device is accelerating in advance.

Wanli sang sails and rushed again.

Adhere to the "four face", Hubei is struggling to break through "first-kilometer".

On October 19, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the first batch of "new species" enterprises in Hubei Science and Technology Department. Among the highest levels of "驼" enterprises, Wuhan Huaxing Optoelectronics is the first semiconductor display panel company in Hubei, accounting for 20% of the world’s small size display panel market; Wuhan Jingdong’s code is the highest generation line panel production line project.

The Eighth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee proposed that it is necessary to enhance innovation ability, optimize high-tech enterprises, and cultivate more subdivided fields "Tile Champion" and more industry leading enterprises.

This year, the province has arrested innovation, and the strength and atmosphere of promoting entrepreneurs have never been unprecedented and effective. In the first three quarters of this year, the province’s technical contract has been exceeded, the year-on-year growth is increasing, and 12,327 enterprises are selected in the national technology-based SME library, which is more than 7606 high-tech enterprises than 2020. It is 2020 annual declaration. Total quantity.

As the birthplace of the National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Hubei ‘s Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Since this year, there have been two new national science and technology parks in the province. 9 national technology enterprises have 9, the Science and Technology Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Wuhan University Science Park have been awarded a national excellent.

Up to now, there are 678 provincial-level technology incubators, spatial spaces, and 678 spatants, Xingchuasia, and the number of middle part of the first; more than 2,500 hatching companies, providing a source of rapid scoring regulations for high-tech enterprises. new force. The Dajiang Flow Day, the generous song is not. At the great journey of the new era, Hubei is rushing to the "Star Ocean" of the Science and Technology Innovation in Hubei, and the great journey of the construction of the world’s science and technology, and makes Hubei contribution! (Wen Jun, Qiu Jian Mountain) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.


Beijing Pinggu District epidemic prevention and control is strictly changing to maintain new coronal pneumonia "zero cases"

People’s Daily November 23 (Yin Xingyun) November 22nd .

Up to now, Pinggu District continues to maintain new corona pneumonia "zero cases". Time Returning November 1, 2021, at 18:30, Pinggu District received a coverage of Changping District CDC, 1 nucleic acid detection, a positive personnel activity trajectory involved Dahuashan Town Dahuashan Village and multiple regions. Quick Emergency Deployment Implementation of "Quartet Responsibility" is a command, prevention and control is responsibility.

The Pinggu District Committee, the district government is based on the epidemic, and the district committee secretary Tang Haolong, the district committee deputy secretary, and the district commander Wu Xiaojie immediately held a dispatching meeting. Study the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, and immediately entered the emergency response state. Under the 14 groups of 14 groups, the parties in the whole region quickly set up to the main battlefield Daxiangshan Town and related key areas. Life is more important than Taishan, Pinggu District is fully compacted "four-party responsibility", and began the racing of the risk of the epidemic.

On November 1, the leaders of Pinggu District visited the on-site command; established the new coronary virus prevention and control emergency disposal work in Dali Mountain Town, set 7 emergency groups, mild professional, quickly entered the work status; organization, health, Disease control, public security, transportation, business and other departments, fighting together; the party general branch of Dahuashan Village quickly organized party members and cadres, net whose volunteers, and volunteers were in trouble.

Convergence to the powerful synerg of the epidemic in the whole region.

Sun Jing, deputy director of the Organization Department of Pinggu District Committee, said: "According to the requirements of the regional prevention and control work, we strictly achieve the first time management, the first time investigation, the first time to detect.

"According to the regional deployment arrangement, the epidemic involved in the relevant areas, setting 4 peripheral cards on 2 main roads of Dahuashan Village, and arranged 24 hours worth of 24 hours.

Douguan Town Medical Team, set 20 nucleic acid detection points, emergency the nucleic acid sampling team of 130 people, launch nucleic acid detection overnight by knocking at the door, broadcast notification, etc. The results were negative. Synchronous conducts streaming, lock the adhesion, secondary adhesives, and investigate the inspection, nucleic acid detection and inquiries in the fastest speed.

Timely release of new crown nucleic acid positive personnel activity trajectories and nucleic acid detection points in the whole district, guiding the public to report. Control, murder and nucleic acid detection of the pastoral bus and personnel, all the test results are negative, and the incidence-related personnel are observed as required.

Precision to find out the bottom number, tamping the party secretary of the Dali Mountain Town Party Committee, Cui Chengli, said: "We can make a quick, accurate master of Dabanshan village advice, secondary advice, secondary adapters, and efficiently defining key control area, Thanks to two pictures: contact relationship map and large Huashan Village Map. " With the assistance of grassroots organizations in Dahuashan Village, 60 people in Pinggu District organized a team of 60 people to combat Dawa Mountain village secrets, secondary advice, and reconciled home address, control, and form various kinds of personnel. Interface between chain type contact.

Once the nucleic acid detection occurs, it is possible to focus on the associated personnel and key regions in accordance with the contact relationship map.

Because all the year round is the village service, there is a "live map" in the heart of Dali Mountain Village, who lives in the village, and the number of people who live in the paper.

Master the active trajectory of the confirmation, the secret, the secondary, the secondary advice, including the place of residence, the event route and the stop point, and the landing facade is dropped, and the map is carried out on the map of Dahua Village.

Extremely refined Dali Mountain epidemic prevention and control map, providing a detailed basis for scientific research and accurate control. Implementing the guidance of the municipal disease control experts, from November 6th, grading control, 77 households involved in the defined key prevention and control area, "regional enclosure", strictly implement the door magnetic and other people defense, material defense, Technical defense means to ensure that the management personnel are not allowed to leave.

Strictly meticulous management of worm-controlled networks "Dahua Village is the largest village in Dali Mountain Town, and there is a broad distribution along two-level roads. There are markets, shops, enterprises, schools, etc. in the village.

Zhang Lijun, secretary of the total support of Dahua Mountain Village Party.

In order to achieve efficient, humanized management, Dahuashan Village launched the work mechanism of the packaged street package package, divided into 74 unit grids, 98-person grid management team consisting of "Grid Long + Netcher" By the package management, all enclosed isolation, not leave home, 上海贵族宝贝龙凤 service home policy. "Give full play to the" Blue Sky Rescue Team, Fire Brigade, Village Autonomous ", on the basis of comprehensively killing two major streets in Dahuashan Village, keeping the key to the key to kill, ensuring that there is no omission , Epidemic prevention without dead ends.

During the isolation and prevention and control period, the Pinggu District continued to standardize the sampling of the villagers in order to ensure that they should be inspected, and they will not fall.

The District Health Jian Committee urgently touched 12 nucleic acid testing persons to reinforce the Center and District Hospital Lab to ensure that the sample was quickly detected.

From November 1st to November 14th, Dawhua Village conducted a total of 7-round nucleic acid sampling, and the results were negative. This round of epidemic 上海春风楼会所论坛 has been 34,968 people in the district, 2,726 environmental points, and the results are negative.

Prevention and control has a temperature and conscientious isolation, no isolation, isolation does not love.

Pinggu District coordinated, fully guarantee the need for home isolation, health monitoring personnel, and quickly establish more than 80 volunteer service teams composed of grid, volunteers, and carry out the drug for the masses, buy living goods and disinfection and other services. . All departments including the District Bureau of Commerce include groups, actively contact the vegetable farmers and merchants, daily, 1200 villagers to Dahuashan Village, distribute the essential necessities such as vegetables, guarantee the normal operation of the "special period". "Today is the 15th day of my and lover service here, we have a long time in every day, it is 12 hours, as a volunteer, this time it will be in front." Luo Jinfeng, a volunteer service serving the villagers in the sealing area .

There is no bystander in front of the epidemic. In the 14th day of isolation, the big speaker of Dahua Mountain Village is round to broadcast "a letter to the villagers of Huashan Village" and "Thanks Letters to the All Fighting of the Dali Village", the simple language, The hoarse voice of the village cadre, listening to the villagers can’t help but cry.

During the isolation, nearly 3,000 large Huashan villagers did not leave their homes, without complaints, using their own actions to practice personal responsibility, and there is no one to complain.

There is no foreigner in front of the epidemic.

At the same time, 272 villages and 47 communities also launched the "Knocking Action", investigated and prevention and control risk, and produced the "proposal to the people of the district", with the case, clear the situation, clear responsibility, and distributed to each Each household, accumulated in the whole area of ??the incident rate.

Residents in the district fully fulfilled personal responsibility, enhance personal protective awareness, no pile, no dinner, wearing masks, actively cooperating with communities, public places, and units to carry out health monitoring.

In the face of the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the party, the party members and cadres in the district dedicated, the people are working together, the whole world is clear, unified and step, attack hard, pay close attention to the implementation of the virus, winning the initial victory 460,000 Pinggu people work together to "prevent" zero cases.

Pinggu District will continue to adhere to the "fast severity", compaction "four-party responsibility", insist on the prevention and control of normal epidemic situation, scientific and accurately grasp "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", resolutely guard the capital Dongda Gate, continue Maintain "zero cases". (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Fuzhou Taijiang District Procuratorate established a financial procuratorate work station

In order to implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee to prevent the resolution of major risk attacks, the government’s government promotes the requirements of high quality development in the jurisdiction, better serving the financial industry in the jurisdiction, preventing resolution of financial risks, Fuzhou Taijiang District Procuratorate Finance The procuratorial workstation has been established in Hengfeng Building in Taijiang District.

At the prevention and control financial risk symposium, the deputy director of the Taijiang District, the deputy director of the Taijiang District, was affirmed to set the financial procuratorial workstation to understand the social risks and understand the work of the procuratorate work, and to Taijiang Financial Procuratorate It is proposed that "do nothing is not afraid" and analyzes the work requirements of judgment, and early warning to reduce risk, and hope to further promote the formation of judicial, administrative, financial information interoperability, talent interaction, business interconnection mechanism. Lin Jianbin, deputy director of the Fourth Procuratorial Department of Fuzhou City, also called the establishment of "timely" "suitable", "in the Fuzhou procuratorate," he hopes that the workstation will be actively active after the establishment of the workstation, and become another highlight of Taijiang. brand.

After listening to the special report of the Taichung District 上海水磨会所 Procuratorate on the financial procuratorate, the participants discussed the status quo and development direction, criminal financial judicial services and cooperation, criminal financial judicial services and collaboration, and the Taijiang District Procuratorate. The financial procuratorial worksheet made a suggestion.

Taichung District is one of the most complete, financial and financial industrial chains 上海逍遥网 of Fujian Province. Financial Street, international financial center, large business district and urban complex are gradually constructed, from the business culture filled with ancient rhyme, the night view of the Straits Financial Business District, the financial development and social progress of Taichuan is obvious. Wu Yang, secretary of the party group and procurator of the Taijiang District Procuratorate, said that the Taichung District Procuratorate will rely on the workstation, through criminal procuratorate, the civil inspection, the conflict, the administrative and prompt intervention supervision, the public interest litigation procuratorate protects the public interest, effective use New technologies, big data is financial communication, continuous improvement of financial rule of law, and implement financial risk prevention and control and deployment, and gradually realize full coverage of financial prosecutor service system jurisdiction. (Zhang Tingting) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Chen Lanyan).


Doorgou build 15 minutes of community party group

Original title: Mentougou built a 15-minute community party group, the "red doorgou" as a main line of the grassroots social governance of the door trench area, extends the party organization service to the tip of various community governance.

Grid on the construction branch, unit building party team; build "15 minutes of community party group convenience service circle"; building residents, properties, social units "Party Service Station" … Recently, Beijing Youth Daily is visiting the Dakou District Street discovery, street 上海女自带工作室 focusing community governance pain points, difficulties, smooth service main lines, woven grassroots management network, explored the way of grassroots social governance under the leadership of party building. The party team service extends to the "one tip" to lead the "Red Mentou" party, planning grassroots governance innovation, screwing residents, properties, business committees and social organizations into a rope, effectively cracking the grassroots social governance bottleneck. "The Party Branch is built on the grid, so that the demand is discovered in the grid, the resources are integrated in grid, and the problem is solved in the grid.

Shi Wei Chong, deputy secretary of the Daxie Street Work Committee, said that the street "Grid on the Branch, the Unit Building Party Group" model, allowing the party organization service to extend the tip of the community governance. Under the party construction, the street created "Community Governance" ‘Pointer Class’ Member + Netcher + Property Administrator + Volunteer "Synergistic Working Mode, focusing on the focus of infrastructure, environmental health, community property, etc. .

  Founded in 2019 set "party building activities, serving the public, education and training, consultation procedure, the cultural propaganda" after other functions in one of the street-level party service center, the street Work actively implement the "33 + 1" party-building service center positions , led by the 33 community grassroots party organizations, the construction of residential, property, social unit "party service station" to create "15 minutes of community service convenience between the party circle", to provide one-stop service for the residents. In addition, all community Otani streets of the industry committee to achieve 100% high coverage, the use of grassroots Party organizations and Party members to lead the masses, strengthen the "sense of home." Shiwei Chong According to reports, the Street Party Working Committee to explore the old district residents share capital to participate in infrastructure improvements a new path through the residents ‘crowdfunding’ way of sharing infrastructure transformation of the old district to achieve a shared community governance to build a cohabitation. Industry, the Commission opened an account with residents sharing "clear account" community how many family property? Fee paid is spent where? …… always been a hot issue of concern among residents. Dayu Longquan Street Gardens community party led by party building for the community industry, the Commission opened a bank account, so that residents pay a management fee of qualifications, how to use what they say goes.

Large parking, garbage removal, a small light bulb, office supplies, each payment are clear, residents can always clearly understood by management of revenue and expenditure account usage. According to Longquan Garden community party secretary, committee director Ai-red, the hearts of the residents of this everyone "clear account", has become a community sharing of credit basis.

  Longquan Garden Community is the old district after district often does not appear bright lights, take full sewage, water and electricity issues such as unmanned repair daily lives of residents of various problems, the views of residents is increasing, leading to a vicious cycle management and service, to community building presents a major problem. In order to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all owners, so that community residents to enjoy the necessary services, community party through the "knock on the door action" in-depth understanding of the common aspirations of residents, community residents support the establishment of residential property owners submitted a joint committee to neighborhood Apply. After the founding of the industry committee to develop a standard cell autonomous management fees charged management fees as well as the autonomous district includes the project: public sewers, septic tanks to clear Qingtao, street light fee, Barrier electricity, corridor light maintenance costs. Since then, a cell corridor lights, water pass, fewer complaints residents. In 2020, the autonomous district management fee charge rate of 98%.

  Party building leading force to promote interaction at all levels of governance, Vice Minister of Social Mentougou District Committee Organization Department Zhaifeng Lei said that the district strengthen the "central nervous system" The role of party organizations in social governance, the implementation of party building "red Mentougou" to lead the rural areas, communities, organizations, education, Wei Jian, state-owned assets, "two new" implementation of seven areas of advice to lead the party building each governance body, the organic integration of elements, resources, allowing organizations at all levels linked together in various fields of party building work come together.

  It is understood, Mentougou District Committee Organization Department will study and formulate the "Guiding Opinions on Further Deepening community consultation to promote the work of community governance," the Chamber building community demonstration sites to develop "micro-community consultation matters Guidance Catalog." "The autonomous unit extends from community to community, courtyards, storied gate, to carry out exploration layered courtyard of procedure, Loumen procedure, grid procedure, BAN consultation, negotiation and other community meeting to promote ‘red coalition council’ ‘multicolored micro Center ‘five-tube safety of household +’ and other self-management mode.

"Difeng Lei said it would become a vivid social governance practice region’s 300,000 party members and cadres and the masses to struggle together, to achieve" the process of participation, sharing of results. "In addition, Mentougou will give full play to the region’s ten thousand working members and 768" red commando "role, ongoing" red vanguard striving to "practice, establish a dynamic mechanism for adjusting the working party list of services and community needs of the masses list of items, and flexible use of" old folk council "" red Zero warm ventricle " and other carriers and platforms, the force veteran, veteran party members, Yin and fellow veterans, unemployed members such as mobilized the community Commissioner, President storied gate, alley housekeeper and "Mentougou enthusiasts" and other forces to integrate and unite community governance powerful force.

  Text / reporter Pu Changting Photography / reporter YANG Yi Memory "Mentougou small hospital" covering 45 villages extended to 57 "Mentougou small courtyard" is Beijing’s first regional boutique B & B brand.

In recent years, accurate, strong impetus to take root boutique B & B, Mentougou innovation proposed the "Mentougou small courtyard +" pastoral theme of road construction beautiful complex of rural and mining from the regional culture, supporting policy guidance, facilities security, optimization of business environment and other aspects of bold innovation, concentrated force.

  · Mid North as an implicit boutique bed and breakfast hotel, one of the "Mentougou yard" is located in the town water Sidamo village, where red brick and gray tile and assembled, wood for the column as a top-order as the mountains of the original stone mountains in western Beijing Modern …… Chinese houses "original" is undoubtedly the vigorous appearance. Bed and Breakfast Dharma combination cultural characteristics, highlighting the Zen culture and modern design for the tone, and integration of old trees, old wells, flowers, weeds, smoke, fences and other elements of the countryside, focusing on simple, comfortable and luxurious effective convergence.

  "In the future, we will build the park picking experience, Yang Kang ecological park, agricultural flavor taste Park, craft fairs garden, children’s amusement park ‘Five Gardens Genesis’, create a set of ‘food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment’ as one Wayao text brigade fusion pastoral complex.

"Bed and Breakfast Wayao main Shangxian Jiang said that B & B effectively solve the employment problem of regulating the family village more than 20 villagers since July 2020 soft opening, Wayao B & B weekend and holiday occupancy rates over 90%, consolidated revenue amounted to more than 80 million.

It is understood that, as of now, Mentougou "Mentougou small hospital" project has covered 45 villages, it has expanded to 新茶嫩茶微信上海 57.

The future, the overall reception capacity of more than 1,000 people, make an inventory of idle farm house more than 300 sets. Text / reporter Pu Changting (Editor: Baocong Ying, Gao Xing).


Chengdu Jintang has built a government gold enterprise docking platform to sign a contract amount of about 20 billion

People’s Network Chengdu April 21st (Wang Jun) is located in Huaizhou New City, the Huaizhou New City, in the hillside, a thousand miles, and a fascinating construction picture.

Today, the high-quality development politicians associated with the high-quality development political accounts of the Chengdu Jintang County, the Jintang County Finance Bureau (County Guo Finance Bureau), will be held here, from the bank, securities, trust, fund, etc. in the county, 80 The remaining financial institutions and related enterprises 上海龙凤419论坛 participate.

At the meeting, the high-quality development political subsidiary of Jinotang County, Chengdu, the financing ceremony, credit enhancement agency, brokerage and bank completed the contract, and the total contract is a total of 1 credit enhancement agency, 2 brokerage, 5 banks, signing The amount is about 20 billion yuan.

The conference revolves around "Into ‘Dongjin’ into Jin Qingxin ‘, all the way" Dadang District to grab the development opportunity of Shuangcheng Economic Circle and Chengde End "Theme, Focus on the Opportunity and Challenge of the High Quality Development of Jinzhou.

Huaizhou New City Management Committee, Tianfu Shuicheng Management Committee, Edible Macroblue Industrial Park Management Committee introduced three functional district planning of Huaizhou 上海kb新地址 New Town, Tianfu Shuicheng, Jintang Edible Fungus Industrial Park, let financial institutions and companies understand Jinotang Industrial Planning And development layout. At the same time, the county has a state-owned enterprise introduced the development ideas and key quality projects, the ICBC Chengdu Branch, the Agricultural Bank of China, and the Agricultural Bank of China were invited to speak, and jointly explore the high quality of government and high quality.

Zhou Zhan, deputy director of the Chongqing Bank Chengdu Branch, talked that Chongqing Bank Chengdu Branch will support the local economic construction of Jinotang, serve the two-city economic construction, serve the development of the Sichuan Economic Group, serve the public, enterprises, enterprises, and local economic construction in Jintang, .

"At present, Jin Tang ushered in Chengdu Dongjin, Chengdu Shuangcheng Economic Circle, and all the roads in Dadang area, and the Director of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the director of the President Jiang Pengxin, and he suggested that the demand for financial elements and resource security To establish a regular communication mechanism, solve the problem of financial element guarantees in time.

Carry out different levels 上海品茶资源分享 of docking and publicity promotion activities, create a good promotional atmosphere, let more financial elements, financial strength, financial resources to the golden hall.