"95 after" nucleic acid specimen detectors "epidemic" daily [Photos]

"95 after" nucleic acid specimen detectors "epidemic" daily [Photos]

Liu Bing’s mobile phone in the "Fire" mobile cranks laboratory station ended in the mobile phone (photographs on November 14). In the early hours of the morning, Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital supported the "Fire" mobile cranks laboratory in Heilong, Liu Bing and teammates stepped up the detection of nucleic acid specimens.

Liu Bing, born in 1997, is a "fire" mobile crankshak laboratory medical team for Heilongjiang Hospital. After the diagnosis of diagnosed cases on October 27, Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital was first assembled for the medical staff to help the black river.

Unpacking, disinfecting, extracting nucleic acids … a series of simplicity operations are not taking care of Liu Bing’s care and patience. There are 33 medical teams in Liu Bing, and everyone is at night, and it is held in their respective positions. In Liu Bing’s eyes, the laboratory is a place directly to the virus "face-to-face", and there may be a positive specimen in any acquisition tube. This work not only requires full courage, but also needs precision operation.

Liu Bing is a Heihe person, standing on the land of his hometown, she feels so far away from himself.

"I know that I have more important things now, this time I go home only one goal, that is, take the virus’ to" "." Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Song photo.